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Tuesday Nights at the Car Club

By: mandy | Date: May 30, 2008 | Categories: Automotive

I am a member of a car club and we meet every Tuesday night. Last week we had a big discussion about rims. I like 20 rims. My friend David needs a new car rim and his mom needs one truck rim. They both hit a bump on their ways home and off flew a […]

You Can Do It! Recover Deleted Email

By: mandy | Date: May 27, 2008 | Categories: Technology

Now, I’m not a nerdy tech person, by any means. Sure, I know how to check my e-mail, use Google, and blog (obviously). But when it comes to using more complicated stuff, I just get goose bumps. So, when I had a problem with some e-mails that got deleted, I completely lost my mind. For […]

Federer Wants French Open to Complete Career

By: mandy | Date: May 20, 2008 | Categories: Sports

The French Open schedule is set for what sex and type of match is when but the players will not know how those brackets are to be filled until well into the tournament. Last year in the men’s singles, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer fought it out with Nadal winning again. But the world of […]

Permanent Makeup Saves Time, Money and Hassle

By: mandy | Date: May 14, 2008 | Categories: Beauty

A new breakthrough in the world of beauty is being able to have permanent make up cosmetics. This is a wonderful thing for so many people, especially busy women. Between taking care of things at home, the children, cooking and cleaning, and then work, saving several minutes on makeup can make a world of difference. […]

Next Day Blinds Video Helps with Interior Decorating

By: mandy | Date: May 12, 2008 | Categories: Home & Garden

I was looking for resources online for tips on decorating when I stumbled across a Next Day Blinds video. I found it to be very useful for idea on blinds and just window treatments in general. I was thinking about getting curtains but I changed my mind and decided to go with window blinds. I […]