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Terrorist Attacks Kill Many in Mumbai

By: mandy | Date: November 27, 2008 | Categories: Business Travel News

We are hearing that there have been terrorist tonight in the Indian city of  Mumbai.  The locations include at least two five star Mumbai hotels.  It has been reported that both British and American passport carrying citizens may have been targeted in the attacks.  The latest report is that 101 people have been killed in […]

The Evolving City of Mumbai

By: mandy | Date: November 21, 2008 | Categories: Travel

The city of Mumbai is a major Indian city.  It was previously known as Bombay.  Mumbai has the highest population of any city in India with a population of seventeen million and growing, and is the capital of the Maharashtra state. Mumbai started off as a group of seven islands on the Indian Konkan coast.  […]

A Trip to Yorkshire, England

By: mandy | Date: November 2, 2008 | Categories: Travel

Yorkshire is a large county in north eastern England with a population of five million.  To many people it is known as ‘God’s Own County.’ Yorkshire is the largest county in England and covers in excess of 6,000 square miles. Many people visit Yorkshire for it’s contrasts – rolling moorland, rugged coastline, ancient buildings, modern […]