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Recession Worsened By Data Backup Default

By: mandy | Date: May 27, 2009 | Categories: Technology

Many overlook small details when immersed in a financially constricting situation such as the current worldwide recession we’re now in. In fact, times like this are the MOST IMPORTANT for protecting your valuable data. The worst case scenario in a recession is to lose what absolutely cannot and should not be lost at such times. […]

Hawaii Means Honolulu

By: mandy | Date: May 19, 2009 | Categories: Travel

A vacation in the Hawaiian islands is not complete without visiting Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii.  Located on the south eastern side of Oahu, Honolulu is accessible by both air and boat.  With its sophistocated center and its amazing natural surroundings, Honolulu is one of the foremost tourist destinations in the world. Birthplace of Barack […]

The Leveling Field: Wimbledon 2009

By: mandy | Date: | Categories: Sports

With the first tournament dating back more than a century ago, Wimbledon has long since been the international proving ground for lawn tennis excellence.  Founded and organized by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, a private club based at Wimbledon in London, Wimbledon has hosted some of the sport’s most talented players including […]

Your home atmosphere is absolutely essential to maintaining a sense of well-being and pleasing mood. Next Day Blinds has a staff of knowledgeable folks who are here for your every question or concern regarding window treatments and what the right kind can ultimately do for your overall outlook and life enjoyment level. They offer unique […]

The following is an article from The Arizona Republic, a Phoenix, Arizona newspaper. It talks about young students with leadership skills. Surprise teen leaders show judges their skills You can start leadership development at a very young age. This case in Surprise, Arizona just goes to show it. The students staged a community project that […]

Metropolitan Museum of Art

By: mandy | Date: | Categories: Arts & Culture, Travel

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts a collection spanning over 5000 years. It has numerous curatorial departments that focus on specific time periods, genres and mediums used. Some of these departments include ancient relics and artifacts from around the world. Others include works by famous painters from popular periods. Some of the departments are […]

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The White Horse Tavern

By: mandy | Date: May 16, 2009 | Categories: Travel

Looking for a luxury Manhattan hotel is like looking for an orange in a citrus orchard. New York City is the trend-setter for so many things, and hotel accommodation is a first priority. Originating so many of the world’s ideas of style, excellent service, and extreme poise, New York City is like none other in […]

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Complaint Management for your Travel Business

By: mandy | Date: May 14, 2009 | Categories: Business Travel News

Every successful travel business has a major goal of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. However without a structured complaint management system, it’s likely that the company-client relationship may suffer. It’s vital that your business understands why customers complain. Your business should have the mechanisms in place to handle a customer complaint tracking system and to […]

How To Be A Tennis Great

By: mandy | Date: May 12, 2009 | Categories: Business Travel News, Home & Garden

With the French Open schedule coming up in just a few weeks, tennis lovers are reminded of the challenges ahead for the tennis champs we admire so much. The French Open is played at the Roland Garros stadium, which is known for having clay courts. Many tennis players have a hard time compensating for the […]

Phoenix Arizona lawyers can assist you with a personal injury case caused by faulty vehicle. There are many Phoenix law firms that are well-versed in the mechanics of wrongful death/personal injuries cases that arise from faulty machines or negligent drivers of SUV’s. Litigation over sport utility vehicle (SUV) rollovers has taken off in the last […]