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Michelangelo Creates Bacchus Sculpture in Rome

By: mandy | Date: March 28, 2010 | Categories: Travel

As powerful and world wide known as what the Church of Rome continues to be, it is interesting that one of the strongest symbolic associations to this great historic city is its mythology and the religion that was most prominent in it prior to the transition to Christianity. Until about the third century AD Rome […]

Continued Training Gives Edge to Salespeople

By: mandy | Date: March 25, 2010 | Categories: Business

Every profession requires a certain amount of training and educational background before a person can expect to become outstanding in their field or reach the heights of their career potential. In addition to this somewhat obvious aspect of positions and field orientations ongoing training programs and workshops are extremely important and frequently required as part […]

Green Windows

By: mandy | Date: March 22, 2010 | Categories: Home & Garden

Everyone is trying to go a little more green these days, but it’s not just because of the tax cuts or to save the environment. Going green can save you a lot of money right off the bat as soon as the items are installed. Here are a few ideas for making your windows a […]

The Kampong Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami

By: mandy | Date: March 18, 2010 | Categories: Travel

Miami has a lot of interesting geographic elements that contribute to its atmosphere and make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. In addition to the great beaches and coastal and bay areas, the diverse ecology is interesting and attractive to scientists and avid horticulturalists and environmental enthusiasts. And while many […]


New Orleans Tarot

By: mandy | Date: March 15, 2010 | Categories: Travel

Walking through the French Quarter is how this particular story begins, and this story is like many other stories just like it. It is based in repetition and polyrhythm, and it is also enormously self-conscious, and the French Quarter is self-conscious in the daylight but at night it becomes unaware and unashamed. That’s the exact […]

Experiencing Fremont Street in Las Vegas

By: mandy | Date: March 8, 2010 | Categories: Community

One of the most successful ad campaigns of the twenty-first Century has to be the 2002 Las Vegas ad, which urges travelers that “What Happens Here, Stays Here,” which, as people began to pick up the words, used by everyone from Jay Leno on The Tonight Show to politicians embroiled in scandal, the phrase “What […]