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Enjoy the Boston Harbor

By: mandy | Date: June 30, 2010 | Categories: Travel

One of the things to do while visiting Boston is to enjoy the harbor and the water. The famous piers were the Boston Tea Party took place are gone but there are plenty of other activities to enjoy while visiting. There are some boat charter services, such as Rowes Wharf Water Transport , that get […]

Visit a Greensboro Museum

By: mandy | Date: June 25, 2010 | Categories: Travel

There are some really great museums in the Greensboro North Carolina area. They have something for everyone to enjoy. If you have kids check out the Greensboro Children’s Museum . They are going to have a great time pretending to go to work or clean house in the Our Town area. This is a town […]

New Populations of Drug Addicts

By: mandy | Date: June 23, 2010 | Categories: Health

There are numerous quality drug and alcohol treatments centers located across this country and many of them focus on specific addition substances while there are other programs that are broader in treatment orientation. This is due to the nature of specific drugs and chemicals that are commonly abused and regular elements of addiction in this […]

Hand2Mouth: Portland Theater

By: mandy | Date: June 21, 2010 | Categories: Travel

For any new theater company, it always seems like there’s gotta be another city out there where it’s easier. There are more disciplined actors who don’t flake out, a tech scene where the workers are artists that people want to hang out with, and there are larger audiences. The audiences are also rich, even if […]

Cajun and Japanese in Lafayette

By: mandy | Date: June 19, 2010 | Categories: Travel

Eating through Cajun country should start in Lafayette, Louisiana, which can serve up the best, genuine Cajun and Creole dishes. At the same time Lafayette offers the best in Japanese cuisine this side of the Mississippi. Two totally different dishes, but two totally awesome tastes. Shinto, located at 3810 Amassador Caffery Parkway is Lafayette’s best […]

Areas of Oregon

By: mandy | Date: June 16, 2010 | Categories: Travel

There are many areas to explore in the state of Oregon. From the coastal beaches and towns to the inland mountain ranges and all that lies between, visitors will find many beautiful areas to spend their vacation time. In every area of the state, visitors will also find the best hotels in oregon to rest […]

Tamales in the Bay

By: mandy | Date: June 14, 2010 | Categories: Community

San Francisco is a city whose amazingly wild and twisty history inspires generations to come west and see what they might be able to do to contribute to the scene here. It has had a very strong influence on the rest of the world due to the talent and voracity of its very talented residents. […]

View of Chicago

By: mandy | Date: June 9, 2010 | Categories: Travel

Chicago is the home of the tallest building in North America. It was known for many years as the Sears Tower and today it is now known as the Willis Tower Deck  . The Willis Tower has a great observation deck that is open to the public. The building has 110 stories and the deck […]

Museums in Atlanta

By: mandy | Date: June 3, 2010 | Categories: Travel

There are some really great museums in Atlanta filled with many modern creations and historical stories. This is a city and state that has a very rich history in many major events of the development of America. Atlanta, its self, is a real blend of people because of the many big companies that have their […]