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Most Injuries are Covered by Workers Compensation

By: mandy | Date: February 22, 2011 | Categories: Legal

Workers are entitled to benefits under workers compensation laws if they are injured on the job. They are also eligible if they develop a condition, disease, or illness as a direct result of their work. This means that things that take time to develop, such as repeated exposure to certain conditions, may entitle someone to […]

EMRs Make Charting Easy

By: mandy | Date: February 16, 2011 | Categories: Medicine

You may think that the computers your doctor uses are essentially the same as the ones you have in your home or office, just using different software. While the computer chips, processors, and memory may be the same, software isn’t the only difference. Medical offices, hospitals, and other health care facilities are finding that the […]

Understanding New York

By: mandy | Date: February 12, 2011 | Categories: North America

New York has long been understood to be a unique city with its own personality and culture. It is the largest metropolitan area in the US, comprising over 18 and a half million people while the city itself is home to nearly 9 million people. That is just the resident population, it does not take […]