The Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel in New York

By: mandy | Date: May 25, 2011 | Categories: Travel

It’s been a long day, Alex thought to himself. The train from New Haven, Connecticut was peaceful enough, but he was tried nonetheless. Alex’s train had just arrived at the Grand Central Terminal in New York; today Alex was in town on business. It was extremely urgent business too—the kind that forces a person to board the last train leaving New Haven immediately without making hotel reservations. So here he was in New York feeling exhausted and without any place to stay yet. Alex wasn’t sure yet which hotel he would stay in, but he knew it would be a nice one, he deserved that much. Alex was the only one in the office with the patience and flexibility to cooperate with these urgent requests. Even though his trip was unexpected, Alex still had his phone with him, which he used to go to look for a hotel whenever he had to run these urgent errands in New York for his employer. Alex didn’t feel like walking far and lucky he wouldn’t have to, because he decided to stay at the Grand Central hotel. He had heard his coworkers mention it before as a great place for the family vacations as well as business, and it was a four star hotel after all. What could be better than that? So he booked his room online and was surprised that he even received a bit of a discount. He put his phone away and began to walk the 12 blocks from Grand Central Terminal to the hotel on 141 East 44th Street.
Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel

He made his way past the lines of limousines and valets at the entrance of the hotel and up to the concierge at the front desk. The concierge confirmed his reservation and informed Alex that his stay at the Fitzpatrick included complimentary access to the New York Sports Club which has a full gym, sauna, and offers exercise classes. The concierge continued to state that the hotel also included 24 hour in-room dining, same day laundry and dry cleaning services, and free internet access. “Thanks”, Alex interrupted, “but I’ve already read about all of that from the website I used to book my room.” Alex then proceeded to make his way to the elevators and up to his room. Even for a four star hotel Alex thought his room was very impressive: it had a 37-inch flat screen television, a king size bed, and even a work desk.

Fitzpatrick Hotel SuiteHis bed was clearly a pillow-top and the hotel even went so far as to triple-sheet the beds and even though he was here to work he wasn’t worried about getting a good’s night rest in that bed. It past eleven o’clock before Alex decided to go down stairs to the Wheeltapper pub in the hotel for some dinner; conveniently the pub stayed open till 2am. For dinner, Alex ordered the Shepherd’s Pie with an herbal tea and after feeling very satisfied made his way back up to his room.

On his way back to his room Alex noticed the Vico Boardroom and made a mental note to let his boss know that the Fitzpatrick would make a great place for their company’s next meeting. When Alex got back to his room he was starting to fall asleep, but he already knew that he would have to stay at the Fitzpatrick again. Although, Alex thought to himself that next time he’s in town on urgent business maybe he would try the Fitzpatrick’s Liam Neeson Penthouse Suite.

Images via Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel site