Vacation in the Canadian Rockies

By: mandy | Date: May 31, 2011 | Categories: North America

Trying to plan a vacation on a budget can be frustrating. If you have dreamed for years of visiting far off places and foreign countries, the current state of the economy is probably preventing you from taking off to Africa or Asia or South America. Relax. You do no’t need to settle for yet another trip to California or Los Angeles. You can get your foreign travel without leaving the continent — just head to Canada.

Canadian Rockies vacations are perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors. There are stunning mountain views, pristine forests, abundant wildlife and sparkling glacier-fed lakes. While much of the range will seem familiar to those who have spent time in the American Rockies, parts of the Canadian range evoke the Alpine slopes of Europe. This only serves to emphasize the fact that you are in a completely different country.

The Rockies are easily accessible by flying to Calgary and then driving or taking a tour up into the mountains themselves. There are major national forests, beautiful lakes, and countless small towns and villages that cater to tourists. You can hike, fish, canoe, go horseback riding or even try your hand at glacier climbing. In the winter the region is perfect for skiing and other snow sports — and because of the northern latitudes, the winter is longer than the in the US.