Holiday Car Hire Top Tips

By: mandy | Date: June 15, 2011 | Categories: Automotive, Travel

The type of rental car you choose during a holiday can enhance or spoil your holiday memories. Especially if your trip is going to cover vast distances, comfort is of utmost importance. Other factors you will have to consider are the amount of passengers, luggage and terrain.

Distance and Comfort

Short distances can really be traveled in any car but if you are in for the long haul, it will be to your advantage to get a car with comfortable seats. Doing 600 miles in one day can tax the back and backside if seats are not comfortable. If you are going to be the only driver and travel vast distances, also seriously consider getting a vehicle with cruise control.

Reliable Car and Rental Service

If you are on holiday for, let`s say a month, you would need a reliable car from a reputable car hire company. The car should start and stop as required and if anything does go wrong on your trip, the car hire company should be able to offer you a replacement car within a few hours. It is therefore advantageous to make use of a company with several car depots across the company.

Passengers and Space

Two people, a husband and wife for example, could easily fit into a smaller car and get all their travel gear loaded as well. When the kids are tagging along, space would be an obvious issue. If children are uncomfortable due to a lack of space, they may be more irritable and whiny. Opt for a car with boot space sufficient to handle the entire luggage and allow you to lock belongings out of eyesight of possible thieves. A car which comes with a roof-rack will have obvious advantages.

Terrain and Area

It goes without saying that when traveling in snow, you will require a car that can easily be fitted with snow tires. Similarly, if the trip covers very rough terrain, a 4×4 SUV with sturdy tires and excellent road-holding is essential. In the city, a smaller car will be more maneuverable and you will be able to get into tight parking spots more easily.


Vehicles with cup holders will prevent unnecessary spilling of liquids and allow easy access to drinks and water. Airconditioning is an essential luxury in summertime and an on-board GPS can help you get to your destination.

Fuel and Fuel Consumption

Consider the environment and rent a car as fuel efficient as possible. Not only will you be able to go further and save money, less carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere. Do some research about the fuel options and prices in the country you are planning to travel; you may be able to save some money if you opt for diesel rather than petrol or vice versa.


Depending on your budget, cost will be a major consideration in your choice of a vehicle. If you decide to make use of a cheap car hire company, ensure that they have a good reputation and are widely recognized. Be sure to ask about extra cost factors such as rental cost per day and per mile and insurance costs to ensure you are not in for a nasty surprise when you get the final bill.