The Saugerties Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast

By: mandy | Date: June 24, 2011 | Categories: Travel

Saugerties Lighthouse
There are all sorts of unique hotels in the world; some are floating oases, others are refitted jumbo jets, and then there are some hotels that look like they came right out of a Stephen King novel like the Saugerties Hotel. The Saugerties Lighthouse Hotel looks like a great place on the outside and is actually pretty quaint on the inside too, but it all just seems too nice. A little too perfect. The Saugerties Lighthouse, built in 1869, is actually a small bed and breakfast (B&B) located in New York only about a half hour drive north of Albany. The Saugerties B&B has two second floor bedrooms, one facing East and the other facing West. Breakfast is provided for guests that stay overnight but you’re own your own for the other meals. Though it said that the local restaurants are to die for. If you plan to stay at the Saugerties than expect to leave a few comforts behind like your hair dryer and computer, because the power at the lighthouse is limited. But just because the power is limited doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do. There are regular festivals near the Saugerties and guests can also spend time fishing and or bird-watching or just lounging around the lighthouse. The Saugerties Bed and Breakfast certainly delivers on the promise of an authentic rustic getaway. And yet, there is something oddly appealing about it.
Shining Hallway
So go ahead and stay at the Saugerties Lighthouse, but if two twin girls appear in the hallway and ask you to play with them for “forever… and ever”, well you made your own bed. Though, you don’t have to actually make your own bed because it’s a bed and breakfast your bed will be made for you. It’s just a figure of speech. All joking aside, the likelihood of Stephen King levels of creepiness occurring at the Saugerties Lighthouse B&B is actually pretty low. In fact, hundreds of people stay  at the Saugerties every year and there hasn’t been a single report of creepiness.  Unless you count the May 2008 incident in which Ms. Habersham received one extra piece of toast at breakfast. Naturally, everyone was pretty shocked by this unexpected piece of toasts. That incident aside, Saugerties Bed and Breakfast bookings for the rest of 2011 for the have almost filled up completely.  But if you’re still not convinced that your stay will be free of eerie events and you want to check the rims and tires on your car before going to bed then no one will judge you. Beside, if the Saugerties Bed and Breakfast  were out of a Stephen King novel then the Hudson River  would be swarming with sharks, but it isn’t, so it’s not.

The only shark you’re bound to see at any point on this trip is the Travel Shark. The new mascot for TravelShark, one of the leading global travel networks that lets people book stays at hotels all over the world.

The truth is the Saugerties is not too good to be true – just too good.  The Saugerties would be a great place for a quite retreat with that special someone. Find out more about the Saugerties from their website here

Photo by By Skip Willits & Aaron Gustafson