The Taj West End is Other Wonder of India

By: mandy | Date: August 28, 2011 | Categories: Business Travel News

Bangalore is one the largest cities in India and is regarded as one of the world’s largest high tech hubs, so it’s only natural that Bangalore is also home to some of the most luxurious hotel’s in the world as well.

Speaking of luxurious hotels, the Taj West End is without a doubt one of the best hotels that a person can hope to stay in. The word “Taj” refers to a crown in Indian culture and the Taj West End is definitely one of the crown jewels of Bangalore.  The Taj is conveniently located next to some of the leading technical firms like Marlabs, Mindtree, and IBM.

The Taj Mahal itself is widely regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world; in fact, many people regard it as one of as one of the most spectacular of the seven wonders and the Taj West End Hotel is on its way to reaching similar status.

So what makes the Taj West End so wonder-ful? Well if you’re in Bangalore odds are that you are there for business, which is not to say that Bangalore isn’t a great place to visit on holiday, it’s just that will all of the companies stationed out of Bangalore it is a huge business travel destination. One of the great things about the Taj West End that few other hotel offer is the telepresence conference room that is available for guests that might need to participate in a video conference. Furthermore, all of the rooms in the Taj West End come with a conference phone with international direct dial, so if you are working for Marlabs, a global company you can make a conference call from the comfort of your own guest room.

Obviously the Taj West End caters to business travelers with amenities like a 24-hour business center with secretarial services center but that doesn’t mean the Taj West End isn’t luxurious. Each of the 117 rooms in the Taj West End has a queen sized bed, a balcony, a conference phone with international direct dial, Wi-Fi, and a Plasma screen television. What’s more, guests at the Taj West End can also choose from 10 different pillows from the hotel’s pillow menu including: a natural wool pillow and even an aroma therapy latex pillow.

So the next time you’re in Bangalore ask yourself if want to stay in the Taj West End or would you rather just have an an unremarkable time instead.