Extended Vacationing in Toronto

By: mandy | Date: January 23, 2012 | Categories: Home & Garden

When one lives in a city, one either owns a house or an apartment, or they rent. But what about when on vacation. If traveling for an extended period of time, it makes sense in many instances to find an
apartment rental site to work with. They will have listings of possible apartments for rent or for sublet for the amount of time in which you are staying in the city. This is great if you plan an extended stay, and you really are looking to get to know a city. Such is true when touring historical sites in various North American towns. Many of them contain so many sites, that to visit for just a short amount of time is really a shame.

This is the case for the Canadian city of Toronto. There is a variety of sites which vary from public house where festivals and celebrations occur, to national museums of arts, science and history, to castles and sites of historical significance to explore. There are ten museums that are in the Toronto area and one of them is the famous mansion called Spadina. The Austin family lived there for 3 generations and in 1984 the grounds were open to the public for the first time. The building has been updated and renovated but contains the original furnishings and decor, with exhibits and artifacts of the long history of the family.

Another family home that is now open to the public is the Gibson House Museum . This home was built by the owner, David Gibson in 1851. Gibson had immigrated to Toronto from Scotland, who gained his historical significance as one of the first map makers and land surveyors in the city. This as an achievement that he accomplished on his second trip to the city, as he was forced to leave the country for a bit and stay in the United States. Upon his return is when he built this home, a home where the public can step back into time and learn a bit about the style and the elegance of that part of Canadian history , as well as discover interesting facts about the men and women who first occupied this area of Canada.

These are just two, of the significant museums in the city…and a mere fraction of the places to visit and discover in this region. Taking an extended vacation and staying for a significant length of time will allow one to discover so much more than a short stay in a hotel will allow. When you stay for a time, rent one of the neighborhood
apartments Toronto will become a bit of a home away from home. Who knows? You may just decide to look for a place for good, once you discover all that this beautiful Canadian city has to offer.