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Adventure in Australia

By: mandy | Date: June 3, 2011 | Categories: Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Travel

Sydney has so much to offer, whether it be the beautiful beaches, the amazing site seeing, the opera house or the aquarium. If you have never been there before, you will want to book your trip to Sydney, Australia now. While in Sydney there will be plenty to go see and do, but there are […]

Palm Beach Symphony Attracts Audiences of All Ages

By: mandy | Date: August 21, 2010 | Categories: Arts & Culture

Palm Beach, Florida is one of the state’s beautiful southern cities and it attracts a diverse population of tourist. Many people visit Palm Beach, well for the beach itself and the great nightlife in the city, while others are considering it as possible retirement location and more interested in the finer cultural attractions and of […]

Evolution of Video Game Software

By: mandy | Date: August 11, 2010 | Categories: Arts & Culture

Every since the first Atari tennis match ping pong game appeared on television screens over thirty years ago, video games have been extremely popular with children and adults alike. Video arcades were dominant in the 1980s and the 90s saw a major leap forward in the technology of home video games. Elaborate home game rooms […]

Weekend Trip to LA and a Production of Les Miserables

By: mandy | Date: January 12, 2010 | Categories: Arts & Culture, Travel

One of the most exciting and overall fun times I’ve had in my life was an overnight trip to Los Angles that my boyfriend of the time, Dan, surprised me with. I’m an actor and have been most of my life, having been bitten by the bug at an early age after appearing onstage as […]

Macau OX Warehouse

By: mandy | Date: September 30, 2009 | Categories: Arts & Culture, Travel

As a gambler’s delight, it’s hard to imagine anything better than a Las Vegas with an ocean view, and perhaps there’s no reason to even try to imagine.  Macau is a city of dreams, where people come every year to test their luck at the tables, and to enjoy the incredible offerings the city has […]

History and Horse Racing in Newmarket, England

By: mandy | Date: August 13, 2009 | Categories: Animals, Arts & Culture, Travel

Newmarket is known far and wide for the industry of horse racing.  The history of the village, as well as the modern economy of the village today, is intertwined with the sport.  The National Horse Racing Museum is located close to many a Newmarket hotel,  and currently is part of the incredible Jockey Club.  An […]

The Crucible: Theatre Imitating Life

By: mandy | Date: August 5, 2009 | Categories: Arts & Culture

The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller that deals with the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials of 1692. The dialogue from the play was taken from the actual transcripts of the trials from this notorious period in this county’s colonial history. So, it may be somewhat contradictory to say this country, as it was […]

Jack The Ripper Tour Events

By: mandy | Date: | Categories: Arts & Culture

The Jack The Ripper tours in London are fascinating adventures that provide a since of thrill and suspense, though also a trip through time. This legendary serial killer continues to inspire the imagination of many people throughout the world due to the gruesome manner of the murders and also the unsolved nature of the crimes. […]

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

By: mandy | Date: | Categories: Arts & Culture

The Shakespeare Festival in Ashland Oregon has a long history of offering major theatrical performances in the western United States. It has three primary stages that offer everything from contemporary hits to various choices from the classical cannon. Shakespeare is always on the schedule rightly should be as the company is named after this great […]

Nick Cave Event Tickets

By: mandy | Date: August 4, 2009 | Categories: Arts & Culture

Standing in line for over 12 hours to get free Event Tickets seems ridiculous, but it’s Nick Cave and my girlfriend will be very surprised and oh so very happy that I managed to get tickets in the first place. But, it’s not only Nick Cave, the event is a confluence of performing along with […]