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Tips for Door-to-Door Salesmen

By: mandy | Date: July 27, 2010 | Categories: Community

Direct sales has a long history in the sales industry. While in many ways it has changed over the years, there are still some basic ways in which it has stayed the same. Everyone has had experiences with door-to-door salesmen and, unfortunately, a lot of them haven’t been good. The shopping experience should be enjoyable […]

Tamales in the Bay

By: mandy | Date: June 14, 2010 | Categories: Community

San Francisco is a city whose amazingly wild and twisty history inspires generations to come west and see what they might be able to do to contribute to the scene here. It has had a very strong influence on the rest of the world due to the talent and voracity of its very talented residents. […]

Experiencing Fremont Street in Las Vegas

By: mandy | Date: March 8, 2010 | Categories: Community

One of the most successful ad campaigns of the twenty-first Century has to be the 2002 Las Vegas ad, which urges travelers that “What Happens Here, Stays Here,” which, as people began to pick up the words, used by everyone from Jay Leno on The Tonight Show to politicians embroiled in scandal, the phrase “What […]

Hot Tubs and Community

By: mandy | Date: November 24, 2009 | Categories: Community

Sometimes it’s difficult to enjoy relaxation.  Even when all the signals are there, and the body is calming down, the mind doesn’t stop its endless loops, anxiously repeating the usual lists of things to do.  This might be the result of an over-burdened life, where it’s simply a busy agenda that makes us attuned to […]