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Recession Worsened By Data Backup Default

By: mandy | Date: May 27, 2009 | Categories: Technology

Many overlook small details when immersed in a financially constricting situation such as the current worldwide recession we’re now in. In fact, times like this are the MOST IMPORTANT for protecting your valuable data. The worst case scenario in a recession is to lose what absolutely cannot and should not be lost at such times.

Carbonite, the data backup company with the incredible 15 Petabyte storage capacity, is on several social networking sites, in hopes of reaching out to more potential clients. This makes perfect sense, since most of their potential clientele are web-savvy internet users with more sensitive data to protect than ever. That’s not to say, however, that a less web savvy person wouldn’t benefit from their services. Quite the contrary. It’s just that social networking media allows a business entity to reach out with much more …

Excitement Growing for Tribeca Film Festival

By: mandy | Date: March 14, 2009 | Categories: Arts & Culture, Technology, Travel

Excitement is building for the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival as organizers announced another slate of participating films. The full schedule will include 86 films grouped into eight “sections.” The Festival runs form April 22nd through May 3rd in New York City.

The recent announcements cover the “Encounters,” “Spotlight,” “Showcase,” and “Midnight” sections. They also include the films to be included in the “Restored and Rediscovered” section. Audiences are still awaiting the final announcement which will cover the centerpiece and closing night films.

Anyone wanting to attend the event will be able to purchase single tickets beginning the week before the festival opens. (See official website for ticket information.) There are still accommodations available in the area, ranging from luxury hotel suites in New York to popular chain hotels and local bed & breakfasts.

Many of the films in the …

The Ethics of Singapore Business

By: mandy | Date: March 2, 2009 | Categories: General Business, Technology, Travel

Ethical standards of business operation has become of top priority to companies around the globe. Social responsibility, be it to the environment or to the human and animal societies, has become a major concern and project for companies. Apart from the not for profit companies, CEOs are either understanding what it means to give back and give within, or perhaps it is a fashionable way to be of late. Regardless it does make for more giving and all encompassing way to conduct transactions. Service is of up most concern, combined with a standard prototype to insure the most quality performance, to the customers or clients and to the workers and employees as well. Companies are looking to … well look ahead. To fix problems or conflicts in a more pro-active approach, seeking to fix problems before they occur, to …

You Can Do It! Recover Deleted Email

By: mandy | Date: May 27, 2008 | Categories: Technology

Now, I’m not a nerdy tech person, by any means. Sure, I know how to check my e-mail, use Google, and blog (obviously). But when it comes to using more complicated stuff, I just get goose bumps. So, when I had a problem with some e-mails that got deleted, I completely lost my mind.

For a long time, I’ve used AOL and their services just because it’s simple and I know how to use it. When the problems started, I looked everywhere for something easy someone like me could use to recover deleted email. And I’m so glad I found something. It was easy to understand and it actually worked! It found my missing files.

These problems with my AOL mail have pushed me to seriously find an alternative service for my e-mail.  But then I wondered,

Connecting business travelers on the road

By: lisa | Date: February 5, 2008 | Categories: Technology

TripIt is an online travel assistant that seamlessly organises trips including flight, hotel, rental car, train, restaurant reservations, and activities — even when booked through different online services and vendors.

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TripIt has launched a new business travel service at that helps business travelers, road warriors and travel arrangers simplify and organize their business trips.

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