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The Saugerties Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast

By: mandy | Date: June 24, 2011 | Categories: Travel

There are all sorts of unique hotels in the world; some are floating oases, others are refitted jumbo jets, and then there are some hotels that look like they came right out of a Stephen King novel like the Saugerties Hotel. The Saugerties Lighthouse Hotel looks like a great place on the outside and is […]

The Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel in New York

By: mandy | Date: May 25, 2011 | Categories: Travel

It’s been a long day, Alex thought to himself. The train from New Haven, Connecticut was peaceful enough, but he was tried nonetheless. Alex’s train had just arrived at the Grand Central Terminal in New York; today Alex was in town on business. It was extremely urgent business too—the kind that forces a person to […]

New York’s Chelsea Market

By: mandy | Date: May 23, 2011 | Categories: Food & Drink, Travel

One of the favorite destinations for foodies in New York City is Chelsea Market. This complex takes up two entire city blocks and comprises twenty-two buildings. While mostly a shopping mall and food court, the complex includes offices for broadcast and media companies including the Food Network. An enclosed ground floor concourse was completed in […]

Metropolitan Museum of Art

By: mandy | Date: May 18, 2009 | Categories: Arts & Culture, Travel

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts a collection spanning over 5000 years. It has numerous curatorial departments that focus on specific time periods, genres and mediums used. Some of these departments include ancient relics and artifacts from around the world. Others include works by famous painters from popular periods. Some of the departments are […]

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Excitement Growing for Tribeca Film Festival

By: mandy | Date: March 14, 2009 | Categories: Arts & Culture, Technology, Travel

Excitement is building for the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival as organizers announced another slate of participating films. The full schedule will include 86 films grouped into eight “sections.” The Festival runs form April 22nd through May 3rd in New York City. The recent announcements cover the “Encounters,” “Spotlight,” “Showcase,” and “Midnight” sections. They also include […]

Visiting New York City

By: mandy | Date: December 17, 2008 | Categories: Travel

The City of New York is the top tourist destination in the United States of America. It also holds the distinction of being the most densely populated city in the country. Over a third of that population is foreign-born and the people of New York speak nearly 170 languages. That diversity is reflected throughout the […]

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