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sports carTaking to the open road for a weekend getaway or a longer trip across the country is a great way to enjoy your sports car. After all, one of the reasons you chose the car was to go on long, scenic drives.  Cruising scenic highways on your way to the mountains or the beach is your dream.

The reality is a little different, emphasis on “little.”

The average sports car, especially a convertible, has a fraction of the cargo space of larger vehicles.  This means that … Read the rest

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Sports tourism is a thing.  Fans travel around to watch their team at other arenas, and it is actually a ton of fun.  Exploring a new place and enjoying good, old fashioned competition between your team and another is a great way to spend some vacation time.  Well, good news, motorsport lovers!  You, too, can enjoy your own speedway vacation!  Yes, it takes a little planning and logistical work, but the rewards are, frankly, too good to pass up.

The first thing you want to do … Read the rest

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Traveling does not carry a heavy price tag if you know where to go and how to find discounts. There are a wide variety of travel destinations for the budget conscious traveler. If your New Year’s resolution is to see the world, then now is an excellent time to get started.

Where in the World Should I Go?

Head to destinations that have a low cost of living so that you can afford to budget. Rio, Brazil’s capital, was named one of the best destinations to go in … Read the rest

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One of the more fascinating and memorable vacations you and your family can take in the United States is a road trip down the nation’s historic Route 66. Due to the fact that the scenic highway passes through eight different states, and was constructed nearly one hundred years ago, there is no shortage of roadside attractions to thrill tourists from around the world. So do a quick maintenance check, put air in the tires, pack up the car and head out … Read the rest

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Traveling often puts stress on the body and the immune system, resulting in sickness and overall fatigue.  This can happen whether you are traveling for work or for fun.

When you travel for business, you are often busy with meetings and appointments that do not always allow you to get enough rest.  If you travel internationally for business, you have to adapt to a new time zone and variations in food.

Even traveling for pleasure can leave your body in a tired state from the extra … Read the rest

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Whether it is shaking your hips by sapphire blue pools, enjoying drinks with friends in a college crowd resort, or sipping a chilled pina colada on a white sandy beach, Spring Break is the time to say goodbye to the winter blues, and hello to some well-deserved pleasure in your life. Ready for some memorable sun soaked fun? Here is a guide to the Top 7 Spring Break getaways for your hedonistic (or chill-out) pleasure:

Acapulco, Mexico

Head down south for free flowing beer, glistening beach bodies, barely there thongs, MTV beach … Read the rest

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When one lives in a city, one either owns a house or an apartment, or they rent. But what about when on vacation. If traveling for an extended period of time, it makes sense in many instances to find an apartment rental site to work with. They will have listings of possible apartments for rent or for sublet for the amount of time in which you are staying in the city. This is great if you plan an extended stay, and you really are looking to get to … Read the rest

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Bangalore is one the largest cities in India and is regarded as one of the world’s largest high tech hubs, so it’s only natural that Bangalore is also home to some of the most luxurious hotel’s in the world as well.

Speaking of luxurious hotels, the Taj West End is without a doubt one of the best hotels that a person can hope to stay in. The word “Taj” refers to a crown in Indian culture and the Taj West End is … Read the rest

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Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the United States and the largest in the state of Illinois.  It sits on the western shore of Lake Michigan – one of the largest lakes in the world.  2.7 million people call the city home and it is a melting pot of different races and cultures.  The city leadership is focused on economic, social and environmental sustenance.

Chicago has not been around a long time, it was founded in 1833.  But during that time it has seen massive growth … Read the rest

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From tip to tip Canada has so much to offer when it comes to vacationing that it’s almost impossible to take it all in. Regardless of the kind of vacation you are looking for, Canada has it. If you are looking for an urban adventure you can hit Toronto or Montreal and live it up. Or you can take to the open road and enjoy the scenic views of the East Coast or the wheat fields of the Prairies.

Bright lights, big city
Canada’s … Read the rest